Friday, 21 September 2018

How to Detect Ransomware with Kaspersky Tool

Lately, ransomware joined the cyber-attacks list and thus, it became the popular and dangerous online threat. It is very dangerous from that of other risks and malicious activities. In this threat, the attacker hacks & attacks your system, encrypts the data and asks for ransom.
Kaspersky Support Australia team is here to help you in detecting the ransomware with the help of antivirus.

Detect Ransomware with Kaspersky Tool

How Ransomware enters in the computer system?

It is very easy for the ransomware to make its way into the system via network i.e. via either through email or the web browser. Earlier only big organizations were the target of ransomware but now it equally targets small businesses.

Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for detecting Ransomware

Kaspersky with its anti-ransomware tool not only offers security and protection to all the sizes of organizations but it also helps in detecting the ransomware behavior patterns. And then it secures the entire Windows-based endpoints.
This tool has been designed especially for all the small size organizations. It is free to download and utilize. All you need to provide is email address, business name, country and contact number to get the download link.
It is a simple freeware where the antivirus own tool utilizes its security network along with database to scan the entire computer system and trace all the threats. It automatically blocks the threats and risks after detecting.
Go to Settings to adjust the Tracing Level and Proxy settings. It is also easy to set up and deactivate the ‘Self-defense’ option.
The tool automatically starts running and begins the scanning process to trace the threats after download and installation process.
The tool’s other settings allows you to regulate the computer's applications as well. It means you can either install or uninstall any program. Besides, it also lets to unblock and mark the trusted programs.

Kaspersky Customer Support toll free number 1800-870-079 is at you service for all antivirus related concerns

If you are facing any difficulty while downloading and installation the tool or encountering any technical glitch then connect with our experts by dialing Kaspersky technical support number 1800-870-079. Our team is here to assist you round the clock.

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